Artist - NordStrom aka Techbased

NordStrom aka Techbased is a producer and DJ based in Northern Germany.
In 1994, at the age of 17, he started djing. In 1998 he produced his own tracks and took his first steps into the clubs. Many gigs as a Dj and live act followed. Since then he never lost his passion for house,techno and melodic techno and has always produced tracks off the mainstream.In 2019 he has under the name techbased (michael Schlüter/michael Hornke) the first digital release on SubtonicRecords. Techbased released two singles and publish on a sampler @ Beatport. Currently NordStrom is working on his album which will be finished in 2024.


Played with....

Gayle San ,Voodooamt aka Patrik Lindsey ThomasP.Heckmann, Holgistar, Zudisko

Elektro Heizmann, Christian Fischer, The Ascent, Svenson Krystuff, Spike Jones, Vaumann, Benz, Tim Fiedler, Macco Kofix, Jester Rush, Jil Claris, Pruzza, Mike Double U, Hustler, Mahssa Dadari, Claude Loc, M.i.t.c.h., Audio:Punx, Edior, Cyre, Dennis Meyer, Electec, Two Funk Lefax, Phish, Dusty Wires, Riley, Fast Mo, Holtz, Stereorocker, Timo Burdorf, Lonzo, GTM, KidClash, Ferox Bass.T, Schmitten, Phunkstar, Poser Delux Live,Lenny Davis Fin Star,O-Tool, Honey, Piero, Move, Fax, J.Y.Detitius, Padjo Phunk,Syncro, Billy, Zeerious Phonk, Dl-Session, Le Funk, Bad Finger, Audiofocus, Tammo, Kobold vs Pointless, Snaz, Sweetchuck, Zille, Pyrex, D.Pest Commander Kilo, Kid Clash, P.A.U.L, Snaz




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